Meeting Presentations and CPE Certificates

In support of HFMA’s efforts to minimize paper waste, become more environmentally- friendly, decrease costs, and provide the most up to date session information to all participants, meeting and session handouts will no longer be available at the meetings. Presentations will be provided for download on our website following each meeting and for a reasonable period of time thereafter.

To access your CPE Certificate, click the link below the  meeting attended and print your Certificate (alphabetical by last name). CPE’s are awarded based on your signature on the sign in sheet, available at each session.

January 25 – 26, 2018 HFMA Lone Star Winter Institute

Winter 2018 Brochure

pdf’s of Presentations below

180101 – Turner Fractionating Cycle: The Role of Denials Management

180103 – Huber Palliative Medicine – The Tip of the Spear for Health Reform

180106 – Johnson & Rouse Driving Patient Satisfaction Through Teamwork and Collaboration

180108 – Smiley The Healthcare Restructuring Epidemic – Containing the Spread and Capitalizing on the Remains

180109 – Landman New Directions for Payment Innovation


November 16, 2017 HFMA Lone Star and TCU November Dinner Meeting

CPE Certificates

October 20, 2017 HFMA Lone Star Women’s Forum

CPE Certificates


One Woman’s Journey: From a Small Town to Bigger’n Dallas

Business Ethics – Staying Fair in a Foul World 171002 – Kellie Fischer

Inspecting Your Foundation to Increase Personal and Professional Effectiveness 171003 – Gigi Blair

Fear-Less: Is Fear Holding You Back? 171004 – Deborah Scanlon

Connecting To Make a Difference in Your Life and Your Business 171005 – Linda Elliott – Networking Tips

The Raw Truth!

Friendship For Grownups

September 28-29, 2017 HMFA Lone Star and Oklahoma Red River Showdown

What and How RACs Audit – Rules as of Late 2017 170901 – Ernie de los Santos

Bootcamp 170902 – Ed Norwood

HFMA National Policy Update: Regulatory and Market Overview 170903 – Chad Mulvaney

Unleashing the Power of Revenue Cycle Performance 170904 – Mark Mathia

It’s Not the Classroom You Remember: New Course Content and Teaching Methods in Healthcare Financial Management 170905 – Mattachione

What You Need to Know About Tribal Healthcare 170907 – Wren

August 17-18, 2017 HFMA Lone Star Summer Institute

Sustaining the Momentum 170801 – David Salsberry

Fair Market Value and Commercial Reasonableness – Insight from the C-suite 170802 – Neil Giannini & Tammy Walsh

Dr. Robot will See You Now: Artifical Intelligence and the Future of Personalized Care

Effects of Exercise and Nutrition on Metabolism 170804 – Mickey Hammer

Our Turbulent Quest for Value: BCBSTX’s Story on the Affordable Care Act

Alice in Contractland: Advice and Adventures in Healthcare Service Contract Management

Arkansas: A State of Innovation

A Virtual Reality for Texas 170808 – Mike Siegel

Charge Capture Re-Vitalized 170809 – Lena Tisten

Don’t Have a Clue About the CDM? It’s Elementary, Watson! 170810 – Bonnie Morris

The Pulse of Cybersecurity 170811 – Clayton Darnell

Redesigning the Reimbursement Function for Today’s Transformative Environment

Clash of Cultures: A Brief Look at Ethics and Incentives in Healthcare 170813 – Martin Ostensen


April 17-18, 2017 HFMA Lone Star Spring Institute

Revenue Portfolio Design and Care Transformation or How I Learned to Love Bundles 170401 Hannah

State of Hospital Digital Marketing in Texas: Where We Are and Where We Are Headed 170402 – Reed Smith

Overcoming Obstacles…Anything is Possible! 170403 – Shay Eskew

Buckle Your Seatbelt – Election Implications on Healthcare 170404 – Blair Childs

HIV/AIDS Treatment Today, Costly but Effective 170405 – Juan Carlo

Reimagining Healthcare for the Underserved: Waivers, Care Models and Innovation – Oh My!

Accounting Update – It is What it is, Except When It Changes 170407 – Olvera, Arbuthnot, Smith

Driving Results and Engagement through Professional Development

Fast and Furious; Revenue Cycle 3.0 170409 – Cross and Snow


March 23, 2017 HFMA Lone Star Dinner Meeting at JPS Health Network

Behavioral Health and the Impact on Our Community 1703D – Young

February 24, 2017  HFMA Lone Star and TAHFA East Texas Regional Conference

MACRA, Analytics and the Move from Volume to Value 1702J01 – Bercik

Achieving Health Equity Through Diversity & Inclusion Strategies with Metrics and Incentives

How to Prevent a Cyberattack From Crippling Your Organization 1702J03 – Gopalaswamy and Laughton

Stop Waiting Days. Get Answers in Minutes 1702J04 – Cross

Initial Validation Audits – What Are They and Why Should We Care? 1702J05 – Archer

Accounting Update – It Is What it is Except When it Changes 1702J06 – Arbuthnot and Olvera

340B Program Overview and Compliance Techniques 1702J07 – Gilpin

February 17, 2017 TAHFA and HFMA Lone Star Lubbock Road Show (Coming Soon)

The Credits and Debits of Conflict Management in Healthcare Joe Cope – 1702J01

Obtaining Physician Engagement 1702J02 – Magers

Healthcare Compliance; Protecting and Preparing For Success 1702J03 – Brown

Initial Validation Audits – What Are They and Why Should We Care? 1702J04 – Archer

Management Liability Policies: How Do They Provide Protection For Healthcare Executives and Healthcare Systems 1702J05 – Wheeler

Voyage or Destination – The Direction of Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement? 1702J07 – Fuller and Havins

Eligibility and Point of Service Collection Practices That Work 1702J06 – Turek

Revenue Portfolio Design and Care Transformation or How I Learned To Love Bundles 1702J08 – Hannah

January 26-27, 2017 HFMA Lone Star Winter Institute

Winning the Shift From Volume to Value – The Push Towards Alternative Payment Models 170101 – Burke

Taming the High-Deductible Monster 170102 – Johnson

Billing & Collections to Reimbursement: Using Analytics to Bridge the Gap 170103 – Howey and Gumbert

Laughter: The Ultimate Workplace Prescription 170104 – Fleming

Achieving Health Equity Through Diversity & Inclusion Strategies with Metrics and Incentives 170105 – Pesquera

Managing Risk: The Challenges of Complex Health & Social Needs Patients 170106 – Lawrence

Telemedicine in Texas: A Regulatory Perspective 170107 – Siegel

340B:Do The Evolution – A Program in Transition 170108 – Neal

Exposing Cracks in The Pharmacy Culture 170109 – Atkins and Garrett

Medicare Bad Debt Best Practices: Common Pitfalls and Shared Experience 170110 – Gumbert

Obtaining Physician Engagement 170111 – Magers

How to Prevent a Cyberattack From Crippling Your Organization 170112 – Gopalaswamy


December 20, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Preparing Your Occupational Mix Survey 1612W – Mike Webdale

November 15, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

The Cyber Landscape and your Culture of Security 1611W2 – Jon Ault

November 7, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

MACRA: Essential Strategies in Economic Reform Adele Allison – 1611W1

October 28, 2016 HFMA Lone Star Women’s Forum

Putting the Past in the Past to Succeed in the Present 161001-Nicol

The Critical Role of Women in Shaping Communities, Institutions, and Economies 161002-Dawson

Break Out, Break Through! 161004-Vish

Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This 20 Years Ago? 161005-McKay

Rooted 161006-Nichols

October 18, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Pacing the Transition from Volume to Value: Four Keys to Success 1610W – Scott Clay

September 28-30, 2016 HFMA Lone Star and Oklahoma Red River Showdown

Medicare Update- Everything You Thought You Didn’t Want to Know 1609J01-Galinsky

Ultimate Interview Guide: Get the Job You Deserve or Hire the Best Candidate 1609J02-Tessyman and Glatch

MACRA, MIPS, and APM’s Oh My! What to Expect and How to Prepare for the New Medicare Physician Payment System 1609J03-Blessing and Remmich

The What & Why of Population Health and a Whole Bunch of Alphabet Soup 1609J06-Krystopolski

Cybersecurity: Top 10 Cost Effective Strategies for Risk Reduction 1609J07-Boyle

The Future of IT Healthcare 1609J08-Halamka

Plugging the Leaks in Your Reimbursement Caused by ICD-10-CM and PCS Codes for 2017 1609J09-Hale

Fast and Furious: Revenue Cycle 3.0 1609J10 – Cross and Snow

August 18 – 19, 2016 HFMA Lonestar Summer Institute

Seeing Beyond the Numbers: Improving Revenue Cycle Results Through Data Visualization 160801 – Walizer

Engaging the New Consumer Patient Through Retail 160802 – Cawiezell

Creating Revenue Integrity Strategies for the Future 160804 – Jones

Primary Care in the New Health Economy: Time for a Makeover 160805 – Shurbet – Souder

Population Health: The Journey to Value-based Care and Payment Models 160806 – Edwards

Provider Sponsored Direct to Employer Initiatives 160808 – Beck

Tips for Creating a Robust Patient Access Training Program 160809 – Gorges – Boyle

The Pros and Cons of Bringing Specialty Drugs Into Your Health System Pharmacy 160810 – Calla

Let’s Hate Millennials!!! 160811 – Caress

Medical Cost Trend – Behind the Numbers 2017 160812 – Isgur

August 16, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Free Webinar

The 1115 Waiver Journey Continues…1608W – David Salsberry

July 27 & July 28, 2016 HFMA Lone Star & DHG Healthcare Hospital Cost Report Training

DHG CRT 2016 Level II PPS – Presentation I

DHG CRT 2016 Level II General – Presentation II

DHG CRT 2016 Level II CAH – Presentation III

June 21, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Reducing Operational Costs Through Employee Engagement 1606W – Jaquetta Clemons

May 17, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

340B Compliance And Opportunities 1605W – David A. Layne

May 12 – 13, 2016 HMFA Lone Star Spring Institute

Integrating Social Determinants in Patient Risk Profiling 160501 – Paul Ceverha

How to evaluate the Impact of Digital & Social Media 160502 – Reed Smith

“Calculating ROI in HR Recruitment – How much is your War for Talent?  160503 – Tessyman Christiano and Caponi

Disrupting Denials Management Workflows with Advanced Analytics 160504 – Monohan and Slotnick

Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement and the Future of Alternative Payment Models 160505 – Clark and Williams

Physician Practice Losses: The Elephant in the Room 160506 – Adams and Brewer

Loading the Bases: Preparing for Medicare Payment Changes 160507 – Tankersley and Hulls

Accelerating Outcomes – Diagnosis and Treating Organizational Resistance 160508 – Corey Segall

Impact of Pricing Transparency on Patient Volumes and Net patient Revenue  160510 – Moorthy and Brown

The Politics of Health Care – Game Changers 160511 – Kim

Bundles and Star Ratings – Will you compete? 160512 – Randy Zarin

April 22, 2016 Central Texas Regional

Practice Losses: The New Ticking Time Bomb of Compliance Risk for Health Systems with Physician Practices 160401 – Timothy Smith

160401 – publication 1 – Timothy Smith

160401 – publication 2 – Timothy Smith

A Texas Checkup – Healthcare Policy Update 160402 – Michelle Apodaca

Affordable Care Act – Has It Made an Impact? 160404 – Shannon Stansbury

April 19, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Provider Brief – HFMA Webinar Veterans Health Administration VA Community Care

1604W – Benjamin Altose and Cindy Heaton

March 21, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Are you on the Right Path to Value? 1603BW – P. Todd DeWeese, MBA

March 15, 2016 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Medical Practice in America: Past, Present, and Future 1603AW – Kurt Mosley

February 17, 2016 HFMA Lone Star Dinner Meeting

State of the Healthcare Industry – Legislative Update 1602 – John Hawkins

February 12, 2016 TAHFA/HFMA Lone Star Lubbock Road Show

Revenue Integrity Considerations Opportunities for Your Therapy Services 021216T1__John Britt

From Challenge to Reimbursement Succesfully Collecting on Third Party Liability Accounts is No Accident 021216T2_Derek Ford

Don’t Trust me I’m an “Expert?” How to Evaluate the Impact of Digital Media 021216T3_Reed Smith

Can we talk? A Revenue Cycle Check up for 2016 021216T4_Brent Magers

Medicare Cost Reports 101. What you need to know to better understand the annual cost report. 021216T5_Chris Clark

Revenue Cycle of the Future 021216T6_Gregory Snow

The 84th Texas Legislature Overiew_YCMTSU 021216T7_Stacy Wilson

Demographic Characteristics and Trends and in Texas and the San Antonio Area 021216T7_ Stacy Wilson

Tackling The Challenges of Behavioral Health Integration 021216T8_Christie Lawrence

January 28-29, 2016 Winter Institute

Building a Statewide Clinically Integrated Delivery System 160101 – Mandell – Mastgni – Zia

Collaboration vs. Collision 160102 – Elliott-Yeary

Healthcare Realignment: What it Means for You, Your Organization, and HFMA 160105 – Fifer

Safety, Life and a Just Culture 160107 – Natasha Nicole

Betting on Technology – Is it a Win, Lose, or Draw? 160108 – Winjie Miao

Succession Success: Real- Time Strategies for an Aging Physician Workforce 160109 – Jennifer Moody

Tackling the Challenges of Behavioral Health Integration 160110 – Christie Lawrence

December 15, 2015 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Using Technology as a Differentiator for Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting 1512W – Noel Phillips, Helen Read

November 24, 2015 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Teach Your Team to Soar 1511W -Doug Bilbrey, Dave Lamar, Jason McNeil

October 29, 2015 HFMA East Texas Regional Meeting

Performance Improvement Lean Project  151001 – Ali Birjandi

IT Adoption 151002 – Kelley Pingleton

Preventing Revenue Leakage 151003 – Brad Cross

Accounting Update 151006 – Kevin Olvera

October 20, 2015 HFMA Region 9 Webinar

Hot Topics – Inpatient and Outpatient Coding and Billing Compliance 1510W_Paula Archer, RHIA 

September 24 – 25, 2015 HFMA Red River Showdown

Everything You Wanted to Know About Tele-health, But Were Afraid to Ask Red River – 150J2 – Belcher

Telehealth a System Perspective Red River – 1509J2 – Lippolis

Everything You Wanted to Know About Tele-health, But Were Afraid to Ask Red River – 1509J2 – Pontin

Value-Based Payments: Assessing Readiness to Develop a Payor Contracting Strategy Red River – 1509J3 – Ryan

Thriving Under Value-Based Care: Are You Ready? Red River – 1509J6 – Welter

Payer Mergers: A Provider Perspective Red River – 1509J9 – Foster 2

Health Plan Consolidations: Contracting and Other Implications for the New Market Place Red River – 1509J9 – Griffin 1

Hospitals and Healthplans Red River 1509J9 – Zakrzewski 3

September 18, 2015 Women’s Forum

Changing the Way We Change 150901 Jeanenne LaMarsh

Cutting Edge Financial Planning Developments & Opportunities 150906 Trudy Turner

September 15, 2015 Region 9 Webinar

The Patient Financial Experience Corey Meyer

July 28, 2015- Region 9 Webinar 

ICD-10 Readiness and Roadmap  HFMA Region 9 Roadmap to Readiness ICD10 Webinar 7.28

July 23, 2015 – HFMA Lone Star Ballpark Bonanza

Long-Awaited Final 501(r) Regulations Issued: Are you prepared?  Ballpark – 150701 – Jeanette Verrelli

Parkland’s Population Health Initiatives – It’s Working! Ballpark – 150702a – Sue Pickens   &  Ballpark – 150702b – Christie Lawrence

Essential (but overlooked) Elements of Successful Revenue Cycle Management Ballpark – 150703 – David Wofford

Taking a Ride on the Healthcare Roller Coaster  Ballpark – 150704 – Sherry Griffin

State of the Healthcare Industry – Legislative Update  Ballpark – 150705 – John Hawkins

How to Avoid Revenue Leakage  Ballpark – 150706 – Brad Cros

Harnessing the Potential of Social Media While Reducing the Risk  Ballpark – 150707 – Cynthia Pharr

May 15, 2015 – HFMA Lone Star Spring Institute
Four Seasons Resort and Hotel

Business Class:Utilizing Business Etiquette in Today’s Marketplace
Kelly Ballard

The Impact of Health Reform On the Valuation of Healthcare Entitites
Don Barbo and Angie Smith

Physician Compensation: The Solution is in the Process
Jamaal Campbell and Maria C. Hayduk

Stormy Waters: 10 Rough waves for Health Care in 2015
Steve Jacob

Transform Patient Satisfaction through Retail Experience and Quality Assurance Modalities
Robert Jehling

Realigning the Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) Program
Elizabeth Pulliam, CPA, FHFMA

April 24, 2015 – HFMA Lone Star Central Texas Institute
Waco, TX

A Class Act: Utilizing Business Etiquette in Today’s Marketplace
Kelly Ballard

Creating Value within the $upply Chain
Jarrod Carley

Taking a Ride on the Healthcare Roller Coaster
Sherry Griffin

What’s New on the EHR Front?
Michael Orr and Travis Skinner

Sustaining the Momentum-How do we prepare for the 1115 Waiver renewal?
David Salsberry

Pay for Performance Trends in Healthcare
Marisa Valdes

February 26-27 – HFMA Lone Star Winter Institute | George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute

What Consumers REALLY Want
Aaron M. Bujnowski, FACHE

Leading the Change; Solutions for Today’s Healthcare Challenges
Kari Cornicelli, FHFMA, CPA

‘Expect the Unexpected’-How being the first US hospital to diagnose a patient with Ebola impacted Texas Health Dallas
Brian Craft

Due to some sensitive matter in this presentation, Mr. Craft has requested that it not be available online.

Realigning the Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) Program
Jim Foster, MBA, FHFMA

How to Solve the Patient Pay Challenge
Steve Levine

Managed Care Panel … Learning How to Connect the Dots
Managed Care Trends
Jim Foster
CMS Role in the Manged Care Landscape
Art Pagan
Ester Webb

Orange is Not Your Color, How to Stay in the Black: Recent enforcement activities related to fraud and abuse, HIPAA and antitrust, and their financial implications
Patrick D. Souter, Mike McEwen, Jenny Givens

ACO Healthcare Delivery Systems Metrics and Money
Melissa Gerdes, MD, FAAFP

Next Generation Outcomes
You’ve Been Upgraded
Kevin McDaniel

EHR Optimization: A Strategic Focus
Paul E. Pancoast, MD

Introducing the New Health Economy
Joh Souder and Jacob Shurbet

Rethinking supply chain management: How better practices impact the bottom line
Steve Thompson

February 13, 2015 – HFMA Lone Star—TAHFA West Texas Seminar

Medicare DSH Update and Recent Developments
Manie Campbell

Legislative Update and Recent Enforcement Actions
Ashley Johnston, J.D. and Joshua Weaver, J.D.

So You Think You’re Covered? Analyzing and Understanding Coverage Options
Amanda Mount

My how time has flown by…So just how do we prepare for the 1115 Waiver renewal?
David Salsberry and Mallory Johnson

Rethinking supply chain management: How better practices impact the bottom line
Steve Thompson

Maximizing Reimbursement Through Coordination of Benefits
Douglas Turek

November 12, 2014 Annual Dinner Meeting

The Value of Providing Good Value
Steve Sullivan

October 24, 2014 -Lone Star and TAHFA East Texas Conference

Creating Value within the $upply Chain
Jarrod Carley

Taking a Ride on the Healthcare Roller Coaster
Sherry Griffin

Big Data Hope and Hype
Darin Szilagyi, FACHE

What’s Happening in Austin These Days: The Longer-Than-One-Drink Interim
Stacy E. Wilson, J.D.

September 25-26, 2014 – Red River Showdown | Thackerville, OK

Health Information Technology- the View from North and South of the Red River
Nora Belcher and Rick Kelly

Physician Alignment and Compensation
Maria Hayduk and Jamaal Campbell

The Economic Condition of the U.S and Its Relations to Healthcare Reform
Dana Forgione, Ph.D., CPA, CMA, CFE

Transforming Population Health
Cliff Fullerton, MD, MS, FAAFP

Managed Care Panel
Sherry Griffin, Jim FosterTimothy LeJeuneEster Webb

Effective Leadership in Changing Healthcare Arena
Dr. Jody Rogers, PhD, FACHE

Improving Pre-Arrival Processes and Outcomes
Sarah Knodel, CHFP, CPAM, CHAM

Medicare Reimbursement Update
S. Craig Steen

Leveraging Technology to Optimize Your Revenue Cycle
Tammie Walsh and Trent Iden

What Are the Hidden Opportunities in Population Management?
Ron White and Kirit Pandit

August 21-22, 2014 – Summer Institute | Irving, TX

Medicare IPPS Update and Compliance Considerations for the Coming Year
Paula Archer, RHIA and Chris Clark, CPA

Do You Live In Reality —– OR Do You Star In Your Own TV Show?
Sherry Griffin

Predictions for the 2015 Legislative Session
John Hawkins

The Customer Experience and Your Bottom Line
Benjamin Isgur and Jon Souder

The Changing Healthcare landscape – a payor’s perspective
Ken Malcolmson

Enabling Medical Group Transformation through a Unified Health Record
Nathan McCarthy and Carla Taymans

Operational Excellence: Alphabet Sout or Competitive Strategy
William Owad

HFMA-Access Management and the Role it Plays in Your Organization: A Panelist Discusssion
Jacob W. Shurbet; Drew Von Eschenbach; Leslie Pierce; Scott Phillips

When Life Hangs in the Balance – Connections Matter
Laura A. Swaney

Collaboration for the Benefit of Communities
Trish Young

May 19-20, 2014 – Major League Institute | Arlington, TX

Capital Markets Implications of the Changing Model in Healthcare
Frank Anderson and Robert Turner

Building a “Meaningful Community” for HIT in Texas: Lessons from the Wizard of Oz
Nora Belcher

Managing / Lowering Your Healthcare Costs (Employer Perspective)
Dennis “Den” Bishop
Due to file size, this presentation can not be uploaded. Please contact in order to receive the handouts.

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire? Moving from CFO to CEO
Phyllis Cowling, FHFMA, CPA

Post Acute Care Solutions for Population Health Management
Craig N DiNapoli, RPh.

Mandatory Elements of ACA: A Call to Leadership
Melinda S. Hancock

Real Live Compliance Senarios-A Discussion
Ashley Johnston, Michael Elliott; Joshua Weaver

How is Methodist Health System Tackling Health Reform?
Pam Stoyanoff

Patient Migration
Michael Strub

April 25, 2014 – Central Texas Institute | Temple, TX

Taking Your Financial Career to the Next Level 
Stefan Werdegar

EHR-Audits, Opportunities, and Roadmaps
Deborah Whitley and Michael Orr

March 18, 2014 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

Healthcare Reform: The Movement From Volume to Value – What Is the End State, and How Do We Get There?
Jim Donohue

February 18, 2014 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

The How’s and Why’s of a Patient-Centered Approach to Population-Based Healthcare
Emma Mandell and Joshua Halverson

2014 Winter Institute
January 23-24, 2014 | Las Colinas Country Club | Irving, TX

M & A Trends in Healthcare
Mark Blake

Transforming Population Health
Carl E. Couch, MD, MMM

Leveraging Technology to Optimize Your Revenue Cycle
Trent Iden and Tammy Walsh

The Customer Experience
Benjamin Isgur and Jon Souder

Healthcare and the Mobile Lifestyle
Matt Johnson

The Crystal Ball: The Future – Independent Hospitals and Consolidation
Kevin M. Kennedy and Joshua D. Halverson

Medical Practice in America
Kurt Mosley

Joe Poppler and David Salsberrry
Turning a Goose into a Golden Egg: The Value of Leveraging Business Intelligence for Process Improvememt
NJ Family Care Case Study

Creating Operational Excellence: The Courage to Lead
Jody Rogers, Ph.D., FACHE

The Impact of Predictive Analytics at Parkland
Tawny Schaffer

Surviving the CMIS SIA
Ted Shaw

The Clock Continues to Tick: Are You Ready for Rexting? ICD-10 a Clearinghouse Perspective
Tom Waller

November 20, 2013 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

Strategic Pricing
Jim Sink and Jason Durrett

Fall Dinner Meeting
November 19, 2013 | Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center at BUMC | Dallas, TX

BQA Transforming Population Health
Cliff Fullerton, MD, MS, FAAFP

East Texas Fall Institute
October 25, 2013 | Willow Brook Country Club | Tyler, TX

ICD-10 CM/PCS Mission 1014
Christi Gonzales, CCS

Applying Lean Processes to the Physician Revenue Cycle to Improve Cash Flow and Decrease Staffing Costs
Curt Mayse

Responsible Use of Social Media in Healthcare – Risks of Social Media
Charlotte Piontek

September 17, 2013 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

Innovative Solutions for Hospital/Physician Alignment
Josh Halverston

Fall Institute
September 16-17, 2013 | Las Colinas | Irving, TX

Minding the Gap: Financial Planning to Guide the Volume-to-Value Transition
Carlos A. Bohorquez

Healthcare Supply Chain Optimization
John Gunnigle

Innovative Solutions for Hospital/Physician Alignment
Josh Halverson

Optimizing Ambulatory Initiative in a Hospital Environment
Michelle Holmes

The 1115 Waiver from the Anchor Hospital Perspective
Mallory Johnson, Ray Dzienski

Anticipating the Health Insurance Marketplace in Texas
Karen Love

Maximizing Reimbursement through Clinical Documentation Improvement
Lynn Myers, MD, CPC, CHC

Children’s National Medical Center
Doug Myers

Value Based Purchasing (VBP)
Bryan Nichols

Perspectives on Improving Outcomes and Driving Down Cost in Hospital IT
Larry Schunder

Learning to embrace and manage change…What are the drivers in your facility that cause change and are you prepared for them?
Neal Smith

ACA: What are the REAL Implications and Answers
W. Roy Smythe, MD

140 Days (plus plus plus) Summary of the 83rd Texas Legislature
Stacy Wilson

Specialty Hospitals: Preparing Now for Future Changes in the Healthcare Landscape
Robert Wyatt

August 20, 2013 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

83rd Texas Legislative Update – From a Hospital Provider Perspective
Fletcher Brown, JD and Michelle Apodaca, JD

July 30, 2013 Texas State Chapters Webinar

Taking Your Financial Career to the Next Level 
Magnificent Seven
Stefan Werdegar

June 18, 2013 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

Transitioning Physicians from Independent to Employed: Maximizing Financial Performance
Lucy Zielinksi

2013 Major League Institute
May 20-21, 2013 | Arlington, TX

ACO Panel
Carol Dobosh
Dr. Nilasena
Dr. W. Roy Smythe

Creating a Revenue Integrity Culture for Revenue Maximization while Ensuring Compliance
Micky Allen, MBA

Leading Change by Changing the Way You Lead
Britt Berrett and Paul Spiegelman

Providers & Health Insurance Exchanges
Jim Donohue

A New Look at IT Based on the Current Healthcare Initiatives
David Doumani

 Using Lean and Six Sigma to Optimize Performance
Joshua D. Halverson and Jessica L. Turgon

A Free Car & Health Care
Steve Love

Game Changers: Omnibus Rule Overview & OCR Audits
Mac McMillan

Our Fragmented, Fragile Physician Workforce…Trends in 2013 and Beyond
Kurt Mosley

Taking your financial career to the next level
Stefan Werdegar

East Texas Institute
April 18, 2013

Budgeting Pitfalls of ICD-10
Robert Carlson

Medicare Cost Report Appeals: Jurisdictional Issues
Kristin L. DeGroat, Esq.

Providers & Health Insurance Exchanges: Implementation in the Context of Health Reform
Jim Donohue

The Texas Legislature: The Boys Are Back in Town
William Galinsky

The Care and Feeding of Physician – Hospital Alliances
David E. Hunt, CHBC

Central Texas Winter Institute
February 22, 2013

Value Based Purchasing: Measures/Metrics and thier effect on Revenue
Gloria Doehling

The 1115 Waiver: Coming Together (and Reimbursement Update)
Brent Fuller, Mark Havins

Transforming Healthcare One Leader at a Time
Thomas Haines

Trends in Physician and Advance Practice Clinician Compensation
Maria Hayduk

The Care and Feeding of Physician – Hospital Alliances
David E. Hunt

Taking Your Career to the Next Level
Stefan Werdegar

The Texas Legislature: The Boys Are Back in Town
Stacy Wilson

HFMA Texas State Chapters Free Webinar
January 24, 2013

501(r) Developments and Compliance
Paige Gerich, CPA

Lone Star Chapter Winter Institute 2013
January 17-18 2013 | Las Colinas Country Club | Irving, TX

Texas de Peru
Kevin Briggs

Social Media: Can you Afford Not to?
Lisa Crymes

Physician Integration: Keepting the Marriage Alive after the Honeymoon Is Over
Joshua D. Halverson, Darin E. Libb

BI and ICD-10: A Surprising Convergence
Eric Hodge; Alistair Ross

Reducing Balance Sheet Risks and Manging Overall Capital Costs
Pat Keel; Bette Kraus

Using Evidence-Based Strategies to Improve the Revenue Cycle
Suzanne Lestina, FHFMA, CPC

Fraud & Embezzlement: Lessons from the Trenches
Angela Morelock

Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC)
Scott Nichols

Challenges the 113th Congress Faces with the Success of American Healthcare
J. James Rohack MD FACC FACP

Navigating the 1115 Waiver
David Salsberry

The State of the Union – Healthcare in Texas
Dan Stultz M.D., FACP, FACHE

State of the ACO/CI Movement
Jim Walton, DO, MBA

Lone Star Chapter Fall Dinner Meeting
October 24, 2012 | Forest Park Medical Center | Dallas, TX

Physician Owned Hospitals and Healthcare Reform
J. Robert Wyatt, MD, MBA

Lone Star Chapter 2012 West Texas Regional Institute
September 21, 2012

EHR Success: Maximizing Benefits for the Enterprise
Judi Binderman, MD

New Claims Paradigms: Encounter Based Editing and Working the Claim Status
Terry Bumpus

Importance of Revenue Cycle Continuous Education – EHR, EMR, ICD-10
Gloria Doehling

The 1115 Waiver: Broken into Pieces (and More)
Brent Fuller, Mark Havins

Attitudes in the Workplace: Survial is Up to You!
Sharyn Ivory, FACHE

Health Care: The Problem, The Politics and the Passion
Tedd Mitchell, MD

The Affordable Care Act: The End of the Beginning?
Stacy E. Wilson, J.D.

Lone Star Chapter 2012 Annual Summer Institute
August 16-17, 2012

The Patient Comes Second
Britt Berrett

 New Claims Paradigms
Terry Brown

The Value of HFMA
David Butler

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